Synopsis: “The Tempest”

Twelve years ago, Prospera reigned as the undisputed Duke of Milan, but was more interested in books and learning than in ruling the city.  Her jealous brother, Antonio, took advantage of this distraction, and overthrew his sister with the help of Alonso, the king of Naples.  Prospera was forced to flee Italy with her young daughter, Miranda.  With the help of an honest old counselor, Gonzalo, they were sent out to sea in a small boat with modest provisions and a few of Propera’s books, narrowly escaping, and washing up on an enchanted island.  Soon they discovered that this island was not deserted, but held some unusual inhabitants: the savage and deformed Caliban, son of an evil witch; and Ariel, an airy spirit taken prisoner by this witch.  When Prospera arrived, she freed Ariel from this prison, and took both creatures as her servants.

But today, the stars are aligned.  Fate brings Prospera’s enemies to her shore.  On board a mighty ship is Prospera’s usurping brother Antonio, now Duke of Milan; her old friend, Gonzalo; King Alonso and his son Ferdinand; Alonso’s own envious brother, Sebastian; and their servants, Stephano and Trinculo. Without warning, the party falls  victim to a tempestuous storm, which has caused them to become shipwrecked on the enchanted isle. The shipwrecked party is split into three groups who wander the island unaware of what wonders the island, and it’s inhabitants, may hold for them.

“Greetings from the Master of the Ship”

On behalf of His Majesty, Alonso, King of Naples, we welcome you aboard the maiden voyage of the Claribel!  Named after King Alonso’s own daughter, the Claribel was given to the King as a gift from the King of Tunis.  The Claribel is a fine sailing vessel, with a well-manned crew, and plenty of room to accommodate all types of travelers, from nobility to their servants.

Bound for the Port of Naples, Italy, honored guests on today’s voyage include Alonso, King of Naples, and his son, Ferdinand, returning home from the wedding of King Alonso’s daughter, Claribel, to the King of Tunis.  Included in the traveling party are the King’s own brother, Sebastian; Antonio, the Duke of Milan; and Gonzalo, High Counselor to the King.

Entertainment on today’s voyage will be provided by Trinculo, court jester to the King.  And to make your voyage extra comfortable, any other accommodations or necessities will be provided by the ship’s steward, Stephano, the King’s personal butler.

With plenty of deck space and a friendly crew, our goal aboard the Claribel is to make your voyage a magical one.