Synopsis: “Big River”

With The Adventures of Tom Sawyer behind him, Huckleberry Finn settles into a “civilized” life with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson in St. Petersburg, Missouri. However, the demanding expectations of the town prove too much for a reckless and adventuresome Huck. With the return of his drunken and violent father, he sees no alternative but to fake his death and live on his own. Huck’s Jackson Island retreat is cut short when he runs into Miss Watson’s run-away slave Jim.

In fear of being discovered, the two set off on a raft down the Mississippi River in search of freedom. Huck and Jim are soon joined by two “royal” con men, the Duke and King whose schemes move the group farther south, and deeper into the dangers of slave territory.

Their latest con leads them to Arkansas, and an attempt to steal the inheritance of the young

Wilkes sisters. Huck’s conscience gets the better of him and he decides to thwart the Duke and King’s plan. In the confusion of the unraveling con, Huck escapes, only to discover that the Duke has sold Jim to a local farmer. Torn between society’s obligations and his friendship, Huck ultimately decides to try and free Jim once and for all.