About the Othello characters

Othello: “The Moor”; commander of the Venetian Army; husband of Desdemona

Iago: High-ranking soldier and trusted advisor of Othello; husband of Emilia

Desdemona: Bold daughter of Brabantio; wife of Othello

Emilia: Wife of Iago; attendant to Desdemona

Cassio: Othello’s right-hand man; young and intelligent military officer

Roderigo: Suitor to Desdemona; follows the party from Venice to Cyprus

Bianca: Cypriot woman; lover of Cassio

Senator Duke: Most powerful senator in Venice

Brabantio: Desdemona’s father; Venetian senator

Montano: Venetian soldier long stationed in Cyprus

Lodovico: Up-and-coming Venetian senator