Richard III Cast

Presented at Reynolds Performance Hall

In this powerful and surprisingly relevant drama we meet the ambitious and crippled Richard, Duke of Gloucester. At the conclusion of the War of the Roses, Richard jealously watches as his brother is crowned King of England, and swears he will take the throne for himself. In Shakespeare’s take on the deformed despot’s bloody history, the audience becomes Richard’s conspirators as he seduces and murders his way to the top, and is forced to confront the consequences of his corruptions.


Dan Matisa* - Richard III

Nisi Sturgis* - Queen Elizabeth

Bri Sudia - Lady Anne

Jordan Coughtry* - Buckingham

Chad Bradford - Clarence/Lord Mayor

Heather Dupree - Queen Margaret

Jordan Breckenridge - Gray/Ensemble

Alex Goley - Young Edward

De’Lon Grant* - Sir James Blunt/Bishop

Kevin Browne* - Brackenbury

Laurie Pascale - Duchess of York

Mark Hansen - Edward

Tim Sailer - Hastings

Adam Frank - Stanley

Ron Thomas - Ratcliff

Curtis Jackson - Rivers/Ensemble

Jeff Kursyz - Richmond

John Basiulis - Catesby

Jordy Neill - Tyrell/Murderer 2

Haulston Mann - Ensemble

Charles Wallace - Ensemble

Samantha Davis - Lady Jane Shore

Robert Durante - Ensemble

Aaron Eley - Young York

Lucas Massingill - Clarence’s son

Natalie Hiatt - Clarence’s daughter

Sarah Guinee - Young Elizabeth

*indicates member of Actor’s Equity