“King Lear” cast and crew list


Directed by Rebekah Scallet

Stage Managed by Duncan Northern

Scenic Design by Regina Garcia

Costume Design by Bobby Brewer-Wallin

Lighting Design by Yael Lubetzky

Sound Design by Evan Harney

Original Music Composed by Chad Bradford

Fight Choreography by Jim Harris


Robert Gerard Anderson, Earl of Gloucester

Courtney Bennett, Lear’s Fool

Eric Binnie, Old Man

Chad Bradford; Edgar, who disguises himself as Poor Tom, a peasant, and others

Jordan Breckenridge; Cornwall’s Attendant, soldier

Hart Denton; Knight, soldier

Heather Dupree, Goneril

Matt Duncan; King of France, soldier, Captain

Rachael Fox, Cordelia

Chris Fritzges, Duke of Cornwall

Lamar Jefferson, Burgundy, Curan, soldier

Warren Kelley, Duke of Albany

Henson Keys, King Lear

Alaina Kizer; Knight, Soldier

Philip Orazio, Edmund

Ricky Pope, Lear’s Knight

Paige Reynolds, Regan

Matt Schmidli, Oswald

Ron Thomas; Earl of Kent, who disguises himself as Caius

Garrett Whitehead; Knight, soldier

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    Friday, May 10, 2013
    5:00 p.m.

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