Big River Cast

Presented at Reynolds Performance Hall

Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is brought to life to the strains of the banjo, fiddle, and harmonica in this Tony Award-winning musical.  Huck escapes home and all attempts to “civilize” him by hitting the mighty Mississippi with the runaway slave Jim. That great river takes the two of them on outrageous adventures and brings them to places as exotic and far away as Arkansas. This delightful and tuneful adventure story won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score.

Jordan Breckenridge - Tom Sawyer

Alex Goley - Huck Finn

De’Lon Grant* - Jim

Dan Matisa* - Pap Finn

Mark Hansen - The King

Josh Rice* - The Duke

Bri Sudia - Mary Jane

Adam Frank - Mark Twain/The Doctor

Jacob Clanton - Ben Rogers

Charles Wallace - Simon/Counselor Robinson

Matt Duncan - Schoolmaster

Haulston Mann - Dick/Young Fool

Derrick Herman - Ensemble

Chris Straw - Ensemble

John Basiulis - Judge Thatcher

Holly Ruth Gale - Widow Douglas

Laurie Pascale - Miss Watson

Samantha Davis - Joanna Wilkes/Jo Harper

Alaina Kizer - Susan Wilkes

Nisheedah Devre Golden - Alice

Satia Spencer - Alice’s Daughter

Hart Denton – Simon/Ensemble

*indicates member of Actor’s Equity