We’re off and running!

Today Matt Chiorini, our artistic director, turned to me and said,”It’s happening, isn’t it? It’s really happening.” Indeed, it is. Working on a festival for an entire year, you can lose perspective. In the throes of fundraising and artistic production, you can lose sight of the end goal, but these past few days have reminded me why we do what we do. Sitting in on rehearsals, I’ve been privy to the palpable excitement generated in a festival such as ours. The actors are giddy, eager to show off their gorgeous voices and lovely dance moves. The scene and costume shops are abuzz with activity. With his characteristic charisma and patience, Dan Matisa, the only actor to have been with us for all five seasons, is currently teaching a workshop on Shakespearean language, while Andrew Hamm, director of As You Like It, is coaching the interns on character voices.  It’s a lot of fun on the UCA campus right now. Can’t wait for tomorrow.