“Shakespeare on Trial” scheduled for April 23rd at Clinton School of Public Service

For centuries, controversy has raged over whether William Shakespeare is the true author of the plays attributed to him. Was it Shakespeare himself, or some nobleman such as the Earl of Oxford, merely using Shakespeare as his front man?

AST sets out to answer these questions by giving Shakespeare himself an opportunity to bring suit in front of U.S. Judge Joe Volpe, with the help of top Arkansas attorneys serving as the prosecution and defense. Other Elizabethan luminaries may make appearances as witnesses to add their two cents as AST celebrates Shakespeare’s birthday in the courtroom. Birthday cake will be provided, whether or not Shakespearewins his case.


Monday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m.
Clinton School of Public Service • Sturgis Hall



Admission is free to this event. You can reserve your seat by e-mailing publicprograms@clintonschool.uasys.edu, or calling 501-683-5239.